We are determined to become

The Genuine Alternative to the Dealership

Every vehicle will need servicing, and possibly repairs, during it's life. But before you choose your mechanic you should ask 3 questions.

1: Firstly, are the oils, filters, parts and lubricants being supplied able to withstand the harsh Australian environment and protecting your factory warranty?

2: Secondly, is there a history of the service and mechanical work being completed within promised time frames and importantly DISCUSSED BUDGET?

3: Thirdly, are the staff qualified in their field and are they so confident in their workmanship that they can guarantee all workmanship and parts*?

Additionally..... Do they have over 50 years! of industry experience ranging from curburetted engines to current direct injection engines, from three speed automatics to modern 6 speed automatics, from simple manual gearboxes to complex DSG gearboxes like PILOT AUTO does?

Unfortunately the automotive industry is littered with horror stories of mechanics:

  • Who aren't qualified
  • Using incorrect techniques
  • Supplying low or poor quality parts
  • Using incorrect lubricants
  • Over servicing vehicles while missing critical issues
  • With poor communication and explanations

Sadly, these problems aren't confined to owner/operator shops, with some of the "Big Boy" chains being guilty of these very issues!

This is why we are determined to become The Genuine Alternative to the Dealership! Very few competitors can claim this. In fact, even fewer want to guarantee all their workmanship and supplied parts*.

Let us explain why PILOT AUTOMOTIVE exists and why you should consider us for when your vehicle needs attention:

The team behind Pilot Auto decided that, after working in dealerships for over 10 years, vehicle owners need to be respected, not treated as horses on a show ride that come past every so often. Pilot Auto believes that you CAN get that small business relationship experience with your mechanic, while getting professional mechanical care.

In fact, we have provided such a level of care and relationship building that customers have asked us to perform tasks for them that SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY DEALERS UNDER WARRANTY! We often hear after a customers first transaction with us "I'll be back for sure!".

Why does this to happen? Simple:

  1. We make it as easy to maintain your car! Often there is one phone call by the customer to book a vehicle in. One phone call from us if we find any issues that require additional attention, and if requested, a phone call from us advising completion of the work.
  2. Customer communication! Does your vehicle require a large amount of work that may take several days? You can be updated daily on the progress.
  3. Vehicle use outside of the manufacturers recommendations isn't an issue! Do you only travel a few thousand kilometres a year? Do you travel 100,000km per year? Don't worry, we can service your vehicle as it needs and to suit YOUR needs.
  4. We're people too! We live and breathe the law of treat others as we wish to be treated.

So if you think Pilot Automotive could be the solution to your automotive needs get in contact with us now by these easy methods!

  1. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Phone: 8369 1055
  3. In person at our workshop at Unit 1, 26 Jacobsen Crescent, Holden Hill, 5088
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